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It's all in the design.

At Digi, we know each solution is unique to the facility. Priorities and budget vary by organization. That's why we use our expertise and creativity to create a truly custom design.

Reducing Risk

Monitor your facilities and personnel to ensure they are abiding by safety regulations. Reduce liabilities with surveillance that gives you the facts behind any mishap.

Reduce risk by securing your assets and people. Have the peace of mind to know they're protected by the highest-quality security systems.


Securing Assets

Ensure the right people have access to areas in your facility, and lock out those who aren't authorized with the latest technologies.

Let our system analytics watch for suspicious activity and alert you when a protocol is breached. Give your customers and stakeholders the ultimate protection.


Protecting People

Protect what matters most with systems that detect intruders, prevent non-member access, and help you detect suspicious activity.


Our easy-to-use surveillance software allows you to have eyes in every corner of your facility, saving you personnel costs and improving your facility's safety.


Saving Time

Increase your efficiency by finding information or perpetrators quickly. Search hours of video surveillance footage in minutes.

Monitor your production floors to ensure that your employees' time is used effectively.

Let technology be your eyes and give you important data.


Integrating Systems

Connect your systems across all your facilities and key personnel to improve your security and cross-departmental collaboration.

We'll help you create a plan, set new standards and develop safety protocols that ensure your buildings are secure and your people know what to do during a breach.


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