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This is the
Digi Difference

“An organization is a machine consisting of

two major parts: culture and people.”  - Ray Dalio

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Core Principles

Plans make us great; our ability to adapt to change makes us extraordinary.

We make plans to prepare, but we know that change is always in the wind. We take changes in stride, adapting and figuring out the best way to accomplish the goal, no matter the variables. This is the Digi Difference.

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challenges are opportunities.

A “no” does not thwart us. We are activated by challenges because they are opportunities for us to demonstrate our excellence and our fortitude. We see every moment as a chance to be better.

We are a Digi Family.

The people we work alongside – both near and far – are part of our Digi Family. We celebrate one another, lift one another up, support one another, and we genuinely care for one another. We communicate often; we assume the best of everyone; and we operate as a team.

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are our purpose.

We enable organizations to keep people safe and assets secure. We do the vital work of helping protect loved ones and livelihoods. We're committed to making the world a better place one person at a time.

We take pride in our work.

In everything we do, we put forth our very best. We strive for excellence, always. Sometimes this means we stay the extra hour, we learn a new skill, or we ask questions until we get it just right.

This is who we are.

No matter what position someone holds within our company, she or he must have a non-negotiable set of values and abilities. This allows a person to grow within the company to help us maintain the kind of work environment and culture we strive for at Digi.


We have integrity. We do the right thing when no one is looking, no matter what. Everyone trusts us because we deliver what’s promised, admit failures and mistakes, and make amends. We uphold our promises.


We are service-oriented. We live to serve; it's in our DNA. We don't ask what other people can do for us; we ask first how we can serve those on our team best. We strive to be extraordinary in all interactions with our clients.


We are dynamic. We adapt to a changing environment, seeing new challenges as opportunities and doing great work under pressure. We're the kind of people who, when we see things are inefficient or ineffective, work to make it better rather than maintain the status quo.


We strive for excellence. We do everything to as close to perfection as we possibly can. We cannot walk away from a project until we've poured our best effort into it. When we can’t do the best job, we ask for help.


We are ever self-improving. A Digi employee is on a constant, endless pursuit toward self-improvement. We find ways to better ourselves personally and professionally; we seek out training to learn new skills; we ask for honest feedback; we want to be better and always believe we can be.


We are accountable. We have an intrinsic need to do what we say we will do, when we say we'll do it; and, if we can’t, we will say so early. We take personal responsibility for our work and the work of our team. Each of us is someone everyone can count on to do what must be done.


We are disciplined and intentional. Once given goals or responsibilities, we create the plans, establish the priorities, make arrangements, and set aside the time to achieve them. We have the wherewithal and foresight to do the work right the first time and the right way, ensuring we are on time, on budget and on task. 


We are self-motivated. We don't need to be told what to do; we determine what needs to be done by asking questions, researching, and having a clear understanding of what Digi’s goals are.


We are kind. We are genuine and caring people. We ask how you are doing because we really care. When we have a problem, we go to the person directly and work out differences in a respectful and professional manner. We show respect and practice kindness always.


We communicate with intention. We use the right communication medium; we are clear, thorough, and effective in relaying information; and we ensure the right people are included. We share information, actively listen, ask clarifying questions, assume best intentions, and problem solve as a team.


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