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Enterprise Solutions

At Digi, we're experts in security solutions for large enterprises. Whether you're protecting precious lives, managing productivity, or keeping assets secure, we've got your security needs covered.

More than just a security system

Elevate the physical safety of your workplace, and strengthen the security of your assets.

Digi offers a wide range of systems that ensure the unique needs of your company can be fully met.

From cloud-based systems to deep learning to access control, our systems meet any budget and serve any environment.
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All-in-One Solutions
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Any industry. Any size.

Our expert designers work with you to customize a system that empowers you to meet your security and productivity goals.
Reduce Risk

Identify & resolve incidents quickly.

Secure Assets

Control access to

facilities & areas

Protect People

Monitor large & diverse crowds & areas

Save Time

Search hours of footage in seconds

Integrate Systems

Make all your systems work together


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