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Every second, every process, every decision can make or cost you millions

Discover the cost-savings, enhanced safety measures, and all the benefits that a partnership with Digi can offer - to your facility, your staff, and your bottom line.

More than just a security system

With a Digi security system, your production floor managers will have an effective tool for monitoring multiple areas simultaneously.
The result? Managers who are more efficient at spotting the inefficiencies in your operations.
From camera placement to custom software integration, we design each system around your company's specific requirements and objectives - meaning you get the most out of your system.
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All-in-One Solutions
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Manage your facility digitally

With strategic security solutions, you can have eyes in every corner of your facility - without paying for more personnel. Increase your bottom line by increasing productivity and employee safety with our custom designs. 

Completely control access to facilities & areas

With our electronic access control, you can determine who gets access to specific equipment, rooms, facilities, and areas on your premises. Keep track of deliveries, and get notified when anyone attempts to enter where they don't have access. Our systems integrate with your time systems to accommodate workflows.

See everything, everywhere - with artificial intelligence

Breakthrough AI stereo vision technology allows off-the-shelf cameras to operate with unparalleled human-like vision. Prevent theft and boost productivity by identifying abnormal instances. Enhance visibility without adding personnel.

Increase employee
productivity & safety

High-definition videos allow you to ensure your employees are meeting safety protocols, reducing liabilities from injury or safety breaches. Use qualitative data from video to identify inefficiencies and develop improved processes.

Notify employees en masse to increase safety & efficiency

Digi's paging and notification systems ensure all your employees are informed the moment they need to be. Integrate into your emergency notification systems for one seamless system that enables optimal communication.

Monitor your facilities
& assets 24/7

Time and capital are money. With integrated security solutions, you have eyes on all your assets even when you're not looking. Get notifications and access to your systems from anywhere on your mobile phone so you can take quick action.

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Gas Plant

"Our security system from Digi has undoubtedly saved us time and money. It's easy to go back and see what really happened when an incident arises, and our managers have real data to refer to when they want to make improvements."

RAE Corporation


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