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Welcome to Digi

In 2003, Josh Herron started Digi in his garage. What started out as a

two-person show in a garage has become an 85+ employee

company with offices across the region.

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Starting around 2017, Digi experienced explosive growth, and we started the transition from being a “mom-and-pop shop” to a full-blown American corporation. We established our guiding Core Values, our Mission and Vision, and the goals that give us a sense of a direction and purpose.


In Homebase, you’ll learn about who we are as a company, where we’re headed, and the policies that keep us looking and doing our best.


Thanks for joining us, for believing in us, and for everything you’ll achieve while you’re here.

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This is Digi

In 2003, Josh Herron started Digi in his garage. What started out as a

two-person shop in a garage has become an 85+ employee

company with offices across the region.

What We Do

Digi Security Systems, LLC, provides low-voltage, high-end security systems to commercial organizations, including schools, businesses, government institutions, hospitals, and more. Our physical systems include video surveillance, access control, CCTV, VOIP, fire alarms, and burglar alarms. The software that drives our systems provides detection analytics, facial recognition, and more. All the systems we provide can be customized to meet the unique needs of the organizations we serve.

Our Account Managers Team works with clients to develop system designs that meet the needs of the client. They turn over this information to the Operations Team, which orders the correct parts, establishes a game plane for installation, schedules the installation date(s) with the client, and sends our guys to do the job.

We not only install new systems, we also service existing systems. Our Service Technicians work primarily on the networking side to ensure everything is running smoothly, connections are secure, and the analytics are reporting what’s demanded and backing up to the correct servers.


Digi is the top security provider in the region. Our headquarters are in Tulsa, and we have offices in Oklahoma City, Moore, Lawton, and Dallas, Texas. Some of our clients include University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, Hobby Lobby, Bank of Oklahoma, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma City Public Schools, Union Public Schools, Flex-N-Gate, Sysco, and hundreds more.


Our goal is to provide organizations, big and small, with systems that allow those using them and those who benefit from them to excel.


We work with those we serve as if signing a purchase order means we become part of their organization.

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We are committed to making the world a better place. One person at a time.

If we can be a company that truly lives out its values, we will be a positive force in the world, and therefore, we will contribute to the betterment of it.

One way we do that is by focusing on providing our people with the best work experience possible. We know that when people enjoy their work, they go home to their families happy and therefore better able to take care of the people they love most.


We also know that when we take care of our people, they are fully able to take their best care of our partners. When everyone is cared for and we’re contributing to – and helping create – happiness in all the people we touch, we’re achieving our grand vision.

Our Mission

Digi is a customer experience company that offers technology solutions

that meet short-term demands and allow enterprises to make strides toward long-term goals. We develop partnerships that empower by working as an extension of the organizations we serve and supporting the communities in which we work. A partnership with Digi means we focus on what we know and do best so our partners can do the same.

Typically, the only time management hears from customers is when there is a problem, but not today! I am writing to let you know how pleased we have been with the employees who installed the cameras on our site. All of the employees were exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous.

Thank you for the high standards you set for your employees, it was a pleasure to have them working in our building.

Grove Elementary School Principal

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