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Digi's Heart & Soul

We have a team of people at Digi who are dedicated to ensuring that we uphold our core values - with one another, with our partners,

and with our community.

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Brooke Lade

C&C Director

Culture Team

Digi's Culture Team is the

soul of the company.

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Chandler Angeletti

C&C Specialist

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Emily Swank

C&C Specialist

Culture of Community

Happy Businessman

Praise Reports

We write our coworkers Praise Reports to shout out the great work we see them doing. These Praise Reports are shared company-wide each week in our Monday Morning Kickoff! We love celebrating our employees' excellence.

Picking Up Trash

Digi Day of Service

A couple times a year, we come together as a company to dedicate a day to serving our community.


of the Quarter

Each quarter, our employees vote on a Person of the Quarter who exemplifies our core values and principles. This is someone that we recognize in a special way.

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Person of the Year & other Awards

At the end of the year, we recognize the Digi employee who demonstrates excellence in everything he or she does every day. And we celebrate lots of other victories, both person and company-wide in an end-of-year celebration!

Monday Morning Kickoff

Each Monday, we kickoff the week with a company-wide meeting where we highlight the great things our people are doing, offer some tips, and make sure everyone gets important information and updates.


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