Technicians at Work

Operations Team

These are the people who work our projects and service.

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Tyler Nichols

Vice President


Digi's Operations Team is the heart of our company.

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Jennifer Ray 

Corporate Operations Manager

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Kathy Richardson

Field Operations Manager

Corporate Operations

Our CO Team works the behind-the-scenes aspects of a project or service. From preparing the maps to kitting the projects to system configuration to billing to perfecting our processes, the CO Team is an integral part of what ensures we're prepared for whatever a project or partner throws our way.

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Remote Support

Scott Taylor

Drafting & Engineering

Josh Hyche

Robert Simmons

Packages on Shelves

Purchasing & Inventory

Nathan Billie


Invoicing & Billing

Kaitlyn Clarke

PL Program


Aaron Herron

Field Operations

Our FO Team comprises the boots on the ground. These are the people who communicate directly with our partners, who do the work on their sites, and who ensure that we providing the best possible quality.

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Service Technicians

Justin Hartsell

Keith Simmons

Project & Service Coordinators

Karen Caprioli - TUL

Misten Brown - DAL (CCTV/AC)

Cristina Saman - DAL (Keys/Gates)

Now Hiring - OKC

Packages on Shelves



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Our technicians report to their Project Lead.


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