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Intelligent Technology for Safe, Resilient Hospital Operations

Securing a hospital is a unique challenge and inefficient operations have major implications. Ensure your hospital is resilient and can adapt to a wide spectrum of threats and disruptions. Discover how our integrated platform for your hospital’s voice, video, and operational data can help improve daily operations and prepare your personnel to deliver continuity of care in emergencies. Reimagine how you:

  • DETECT threats to your operations and identify who is in your facility
  • ANALYZE systems data to recognize important events, monitor safety risks to your patients, visitors, and staff, and locate points of interest
  • COMMUNICATE across teams that need to collaborate on any device or network
  • RESPOND to problems before they escalate


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Okc Security Healthcare Service Box Paging Systems Intercom

Patient Communication Systems

Nurse Call / Emergency Call

Improve patient care by giving them and other professionals access to immediate response. With functional, low-profile, and even wireless technology, hospital and senior residents can request help with ease. Providers can access real-time locating and implement automated check-ins from anywhere.

Infant Security

Protect your hospital’s most vulnerable patients with our newborn tracking and mother and child matching systems. Prevent infant abductions with real-time monitoring systems that integrate with other security solutions like access control and surveillance. Give families peace of mind from birth through care.

Patient wander management

Keep patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s safe with low-profile wander management systems that alert care providers through integration or stand-alone solutions. Patients get the freedom to move in a secure environment, giving patients, loved ones and providers peace of mind.

Visitor management systems

Analytics enable you to document every person that enters and leaves your facilities. Facial recognition technology sends alerts when someone breaches security, and systems conduct background searches before printing a visitor badge. Go through hours of footage in seconds to find specific people and incidences so you can take action quickly.

Digi offers many integrated services such as license plate recognition, parking lot management, video intercom, Video surveillance & video monitoring, Electronic Access Control, Fire & Life Safety Systems, Lock Down Solutions, and more….

Okc Security All In One Solutions Comp

Your one-stop-shop for security solutions

Enhance care and safety with systems that communicate specific information about vulnerable patients to caregivers. Digi evaluates each of your sites for security risks that could impact your ability to deliver the highest level of care – and jeopardize your ability to remain in compliance. Our integrated approach minimizes impact to your staff, patients and bottom line. No matter what your facility’s needs are, Digi offers customized security solutions that enhance the care and safety of your patients while enabling you to meet your security and budgetary goals.

Our expert design engineers can integrate solutions with other security systems, like access control, so that everything in your facility communicates seamlessly.

All-in-One Solutions

Video surveillance

Access control

Audio/video entry

Construction cameras

Intrusion & burglar alarm

Fire alarm

Intercom & VoIP

Analytics & system integration

Customized Systems to:

Keep patients and personnel secure

Manage employee productivity

Manage, monitor, and restrict access

Reduce hospital liabilities and costs

Save money on security personnel

Track visitors to enhance safety

Ensure facility is code-compliant 24/7


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